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About Bunki...



Thanks for stopping by! I've been an avid crafter ever since I got my first sewing machine as a child, over 50 years ago. When my own kids were young, I often made their blankets, clothes and Halloween costumes myself, and I gained a reputation in my neighborhood for my meticulous work. As a result, I began selling doll clothes, Christmas decor and other items at local craft sales to earn extra money during the holidays. As the kids got older and I went back into the workforce, my crafting took a backseat to other priorities.

More recently, however, I started crocheting again after having ankle surgery and suffering the boredom of a three-month recovery! My scarves and blankets were a big hit with friends and relatives, who encouraged me to re-enter the craft fair circuit and to try selling online. So here I am... I have enjoyed experimenting with different weights, textures, and colors of yarn and have accumulated quite a stock of merchandise.


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