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wedding shawl

"We don't have the official pictures yet, but one of the groom's Aunts took the following pics of our beautiful bride (Renée). The weather was cool enough to make the shawl very appreciated. I received many comments on the workmanship. Thank you for making our day special. :)" ~Diane & Joe Martin (Colorado)

BO Renny

Director Renny Harlin sports a Bunki's Originals scarf in Beijing.

Karen Hat Scarf

Customer Karen says "Met you last night at Oktoberfest in Southlake. I love my hat and scarf!"

Genevieve Scarf

Genevieve sent us this selfie to let us know how much she loves her scarf! (Dallas)


Marc awakens from a restful snooze with his BO's blankie.

Roo Blankie

Roo is snuggling up and ready for a walk. (Indiana)

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